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Potter's Hand Preschool is not presently equipped or trained to accept students who are developmentally challenged outside of their chronological age level; therefore, children must be the developmental, chronological, and cognitive age of the class they enter. All students who are receiving any developmental assistance must present all evaluations to the Director prior to entry or contact the Director concerning when evaluations will be available. Children must be the age of the class they are entering by August 31 of that school year. The Director and the governing board have the right to dismiss any child should they be unable to adjust to the classroom and age level requirements. Circumstances such as unresolved language and/or communication barrier, uncontrollable crying, screaming or anxiety, inability to adapt to the classroom routine, and disruptive and/or aggressive behavior are some of the reasons for dismissal.

Current Year 2023-24
Is English the primary language in your child's home?
Does your child understand and speak English at his/her age level?
If your child has allergies, is an Epi Pen necessary?
Photographs: I understand PHPS may post my child's photograph on our website and PHPS FaceBook page.

Thank you!


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