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refit apex at the potter's hand

mondays @ 7pm-8pm

saturdays @ 9am-10am

 in the Potter's Hand Worship Center

refit apex at the potter's hand
  • What is REFIT® ?
    REFIT is a "movement+music" experience that adds resistance-training elements to give you a total-body workout. REFIT is more than just fitness -- it’s a life changing fitness experience. With the fitness world – and the world at large – telling you to change or improve, REFIT is here to say that you are enough. REFIT combines powerful movements with positive music that, of course, changes your body -- but your body is only the beginning. Bottom line: REFIT is a great workout that you’ll feel great about.
  • How is REFIT® different from other fitness programs?
    REFIT® will, of course, change your body — but your body is only the beginning. Beyond the workout is a palpable sense of community, and that’s what sets REFIT apart. You’ll see great diversity in our community — every size, shape, age and ability is represented — and we believe that’s a beautiful representation of the “you belong here” atmosphere found in each class.
  • Does REFIT® offer beginner classes?
    The great thing about REFIT® is that it fits everyone! Each class is designed with the novice and expert in mind, and the “movement+music method” allows participants to feel successful the first time they walk through the doors. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll completely forget that you’re working out!
  • Can kids participate in REFIT® workouts?
    REFIT® is a family-friendly workout and that means kids are certainly welcome to participate with adult supervision! The powerful moves and positive music makes REFIT an engaging and encouraging experience for people of all ages — even the kiddos!
  • Do I have to be a member of the host church or any other church to attend a class?
    Nope :) REFIT is open to any one looking for a great workout and a welcoming community.
  • Why do you accept donations at a free class?
    Our host church offers REFIT as a free ministry. It is the goal that price should never deter anyone from getting a great workout or being a part of this growing community. The donations are applied to instructor certification fees, liability insurance, promotional marketing and other applicable expenses.
  • What is the suggested donation?
    The suggested donation is $5/class.
  • What if I can’t dance?
    You’re in great company! Just MOVING is a move in the right direction. So worry less about what you look like and care more about how you feel doing it!
  • Why do you have heartwork or devotions each class?
    REFIT® believes the heart is more than a muscle and a person is more than a body. Sure, bulging biceps are cool...but that’s secondary to building a strong heart.

Need more info? Text your question to (772) 607-4177

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